ChildFund - Donor Testimonials

Please note all compliments shown are exactly as they were received for the sake of authenticity.
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Jul 2016

Kerissa, a new sponsor, contacted the Feedback line to let us know that Tashari was really nice and open to helping children while canvassing on behalf of ChildFund International adding, “Thank you for helping me be involved, I really appreciate it. Tashari is a really good rep.”

Flagstaff, AZ

Jun 2016

Edward, a new sponsor, contacted the Feedback line to praise Matthew for being helpful while canvassing on behalf of ChildFund International adding, “Matt helped me sponsor a child from Honduras. TYVM, I appreciate it a lot.”

Edward / Las Vegas, NV

May 2016

Good Day, I just wanted to say that you have a good young man on your team. Tyler Jackson seems to have a passionate concern and appreciation for your program and what your fund stands for. Just wanted to let you know. I hope he has the opportunity to grow with ChildFund for years to come.

Sincerely, RJ / Chambersburg, PA

Apr 2016

A resident of Ardmore contacted the Feedback line to commend Kyle for doing an incredible job canvassing on behalf of ChildFund International. The resident found Kyle to be a very polite, open and courteous person and stated, “I would give him a 5 out of 5 star rating!”

Ardmore, PA

Mar 2016

A resident of Las Vegas contacted the Feedback line to praise Ellenor for being generous and good-hearted while canvassing on behalf of ChildFund International adding, “It was as good of an experience as he has ever had with someone coming to his door. What an employee you have! God bless her and your organization.”
Las Vegas, NV

Feb 2016

I recently had the honor of meeting one of your super friendly and enthusiastic fundraising team members. Ellenor came with a teammate, I believe her name was Tracy, to share with us your mission and their passion for assisting children in need of assistance in struggling foreign countries. She was very courteous and seemed genuinely interested in how I felt about helping others as well as who I was as an individual in a very short period of time. While I was not able to make a commitment, she did provide me with literature as well as where I could go online

to get more information regarding your organization. Ellenor was knowledgeable and here with a mission, but she didn’t allow this mission to dominate our interaction in an overbearing or pushy fashion. I appreciated her warmth and wanted to offer this feedback as it is not every day that you meet someone going door-to-door who is as well informed or cordial as she was. Thank you Ellenor.

Best wishes to you. Ericka H / Las Vegas, NV

Jan 2016

Greg contacted the Feedback line to relate that Ellenor gave a fabulous presentation and stated that she was an excellent representative for ChildFund International. Greg also wished Ellenor well in her canvassing efforts.

Las Vegas, NV

Dec 2015

Rachel, a new sponsor, contacted the Feedback line to relate that Lola did a really great job explaining the ChildFund International sponsorship program. She stated that Lola was really kind, offered a lot of good information and was able to answer all of her questions.

Nov 2015

April, a new sponsor, contacted the Feedback line to praise Nicholas for being a very pleasant canvasser who gave a really honest presentation about the ChildFund sponsorship program. April thought that Nicholas’ personality and zest for what he is doing really spoke to her and motivated her to sponsor a child for the first time.

Oct 2015

This is to let you know what an amazing young man Dominic is. He was professional,  humorous and passionate about what he was presenting. While I declined the opportunity at this time, please know that my decision was all that much more difficult because of Dominic’s tremendous efforts.

Sep 2015

Heather contacted the Feedback line to relate that Dominic was an excellent ChildFund representative who was well informed about the sponsorship program. She went on to say that she was very impressed with his presentation and added, "You have someone awesome on your team!"

Jul 2015

Carolyn contacted the Feedback line to commend Dominic for doing an excellent job while presenting the ChildFund International sponsorship program to her. She added that his presentation was positive, and she may donate in the future.

May 2015

A resident of Las Vegas contacted the Feedback line to relate that Johnathon was a very nice and friendly ChildFund representative and encouraged him to keep up the good work.

Apr 2015

We received the below compliment from a Jeanette E. regarding her experience with Benjamin Dobkin and wanted to share it with you. We will be sending out a thank you note for Benjamin as well as a gift to thank him for his hard work and professionalism. “I just wanted to take a moment to give praise to one of your employee’s. Benjamin Dobkin employee came knocking at our door last night and was very respectful, courteous and personable. If we had not been committed elsewhere we would signed on based on the experience we had with Benjamin.

Regards, The E’s

Feb 2015

This is in regards to the young lady Gwen who knocked on my door last night. She was very informative and helpful about the service that you provide for your clients. Your company can use more people like her in your service.

Jan 2015

A resident of Philadelphia contacted the Feedback line to relate that despite the cold weather outside, Anthony was very helpful and provided him with great information about the ChildFund sponsor program. He stated that he was very excited to sponsor and wanted to thank ChildFund for all they do.

Nov 2014

Linda contacted the Feedback line to advise that Anthony was a well-spoken canvasser and that his presentation really aroused her interest in becoming a ChildFund sponsor in the future.

Oct 2014

Good morning, we received the following compliment for fundraisers Luis and Nick from the contact below: Risa G., Philadelphia PA Ms. G. wanted to advise that these two reps did a fantastic job, were working extremely hard and she was thankful for their service, they did not sign up but she was very impressed by their positive attitudes and professionalism.

Sep 2014

 A resident of Philadelphia contacted the Feedback Line to comment that Luis was a very polite and positive person while canvassing on behalf of Childfund. He was very impressed with Luis’ great attitude and information stating that Luis was the best person he has come across in a long time doing this kind of work. The resident also mentioned that we are lucky to have him with us.

Aug 2014

A resident of Warminster contacted the Feedback line to day he just had the opportunity to meet Nicholas and a trainee, they provided her with an excellent customer service, the resident invited them into her home because of their attitude, their spirit and their smiles. It seems like they are very passionate about the ChildFund program.

Jul 2014

Jacqueline contacted the Feedback line to commend Nicholas for being personable and pleasant while canvassing on behalf of Child Fund international adding that even though she could not help, Nicholas remained mannerly and she appreciated that.

May 2014

Corey just stopped by my house and spoke to me and my husband about ChildFund. I could tell how passionate he is about this organization and it really touched my heart. Unfortunately my husband and I are not able to commit to an ongoing donation program right now because we are currently donating everything we can to my 28 year old brother who was just diagnosed with brain cancer. Supporting him, his wife and their 3 year old is top priority for us right now. However my husband did try to give a onetime donation and Corey explained why he could not take it but gave us instructions on how to visit the website. I am so impressed with the way Corey represented your foundation and will definitely consider supporting a child in the future.

Thank you for all the work you do!

Steve & Emily

Apr 2014

Hey ChildFund! Corey Hollis stopped by my house yesterday and told me about the organization as well as his travels. I was incredibly impressed with his charisma! He was clear, articulate, friendly, and persuasive. I’m amazed at how pleasant it was to talk with him and if he is any indicator of the people working at ChildFund, then you guys are going to change the world. I wanted to make sure the message got to the right place that he was a great face for your organization.

Best, Amanda

Mar 2014

Susan contacted the Feedback line to compliment Nicholas and Anthony for their wonderful personally and their genuine care. The resident thought that they were both polite, friendly and nice ChildFund representatives.